WhiteSwapService(WSS), WhiteSwap future parallel network nexus.

WSS will be an independent network that aims to be a sandbox for WSD developers who wish to deploy and test pre-release versions of their WSD projects but will be with real cryptocurrency traded on an open market.

Because its primary use case is to facilitate testing, WSS attempts to give developers more flexibility while they finalize the design of their projects and offers looser rules than WSD, including less stringent governance parameters.

It is important to keep in mind that WSS is firstly a unidirectional blockchain bridge for token migration experimentation and that it gives up stability and security to increase the speed of the network.

WSS will be airdropped to WSD liquidity mining holders, meaning users who held the WSD token and constantly added WSD/USDT liquidity on the main pool of WhiteSwap-TRC20 V2.